theme: Advancing Development Journalism Towards Attaining Sustainable Development Goals: Inspire. Innovate. Evolve

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Development Journalism is the kind of journalism that pays sustained attention to the coverage of ideas, policies, programs, activities and events dealing with the improvement of the life of people.
-- David O. Edeani (1993)


Africa Conference on Development Journalism (ACDJ) is an Annual Media Conference, organized by Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF), to serve as an avenue for exchange of ideas in addressing current and emerging issues facing Development Journalism.


The conference is also meant to create a community of learning that will support the growth of Development Journalism in Africa.


In 2017, Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) held its first Conference tagged MediaAfrica Conference and the theme was "Role of Media in Curbing Maternal Death".


The aim was for practising journalists to meet with industry players, interact, learn and reshape their skills.


In 2018, the conference focused on “Africa's Rising Population: Media as a tool for Harnessing Demographic Dividends". It was based on the fact that despite the rise in population in African nations, the continent continued to lag behind on development indicators.


In 2019, the conference was repackaged and renamed Africa Conference on Development Journalism. The theme for 2019 is ‘Advancing Development Journalism Towards Attaining Sustainable Development Goals: Inspire. Innovate. Evolve’.


The key focus is to project development issues and how the media can be strategically and effectively utilised to deliver development messages.


Our goal is to ensure that participants who will come from Nigeria and other African countries will understand how to effectively engage the media to promote and support the attainment of the SDGs.


When Journalists and other participants leave the conference, they should be able to;

  • Bring out the impact that various policies, programs and actions have on ordinary citizens
  • Highlight innovation and success stories that will motivate people and inspire change
  • Give voice to the voiceless
  • Monitor and evaluate public programmes and policies
  • Follow-up stories to ensure that public pronouncements of officials are translated into actions
  • Signalling that development issues are important through placement and enhancement.


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