Conference Sponsorship

The Africa Conference on Development Journalism (ACDJ) is an annual media conference which holds in Kaduna, Nigeria. It is organised and hosted by Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) and supported by many partners.

The ACDJ brings together influential journalists, media executives, media development organisations, donor partners, religious bodies, civil society organisations and government representatives to discuss around development journalism and how to move Africa forward through journalism.

The 2019 conference offers your organization a special opportunity to reach a wide range of participants and delegates from various African countries and even beyond who are attending to share knowledge with colleagues and network with others in the media world.

There are various ways you can participate, especially with the multiple price-points for both profit and non-profit organisations. These include: exhibition space located throughout the conference venue, where participants will gather in-between sessions.

For further questions, please contact us through info@djconference.org